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New Google Earth layers: Street View highlights

On Monday, in honour of Google Earth’s 10 year anniversary, Google added a new collection of layers known as Voyager. We have already looked at the ‘Satellite imagery updates’ layer and the ‘Earth View landscapes’ layer. Today we are looking at the ‘Street View highlights’ layer.

The ‘Street View highlights’ layer is a collection of Placemarks highlighting interesting sights to be found in Street View. The locations are mostly off-road locations that you would not normally find when simply looking at Street View in Google Earth. It does not include the sort of collections often found on the web of interesting things inadvertently caught by the Street View cameras. On a side note, Google has recently closed down the old version of Street View breaking many sites that have links to Street View imagery.

The layer only includes actual Google Street View and does not include user-submitted Google Views or Business Views.

The locations include a number of places we have looked at before that we found very difficult to get to from Google Earth and at the time recommended the Google Maps version of Street View instead. These locations include:

The new layer makes it much easier to find those locations and to enter Street View, but navigation is still very difficult. There are often no street lines or other markers indicating which directions you can navigate. Overall, the Street View interface within Google Earth is not as good as the Google Maps version, but moving on a larger scale between locations with Street View is now easier in Google Earth and a superior experience to Google Maps. Probably the best solution is to find interesting Street View in Google Earth and then switch to Google Maps to view it using the ‘View in Google Maps’ button on the tool bar.

Sea Lions, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

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